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Mediant helps mutual funds, insurance and alternative investment firms advance the digital transformation of proxy management.

Technology plays an instrumental role in increasing shareholder engagement and the accurate administration of proxy processes. Mediant provides a true end-to-end shareholder communications solution that meets the needs of mutual fund, insurance and alternative investment (REIT) firms. It simplifies proxy management and maximizes voter participation.


A lack of direct communications channels with investors and evolving shareholder profiles hamper shareholder participation and understanding.

  • Mediant enhances the shareholder experience and increases proxy participation by providing an unparalleled user experience.
  • We provide customized proxy materials using our advanced strategies, including enhanced document hosting sites and custom-branded print and electronic distribution and processing.
  • Our comprehensive service is tailored from start-to-finish, based on each clients’ brand and timeline. It streamlines production, distribution, voting, and tabulation, while post-event analysis helps to decipher voting activities.
TRANSPARENCY AND ACCURACY Inaccurate voting records and a lack of trackability result in erroneous vote outcomes, damage to investor confidence, and incremental and irreconcilable costs for funds.

  • Mediant provides best-of-breed tabulation services with real-time voting results from multiple sources, including registered and beneficial holders as well as solicitor votes.  
  • Assured accuracy and transparency keeps all audiences engaged throughout voting processes. Multi-level quality assurance and complete vote audits also ensure regulatory compliance.
ROBUST DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Both funds and investors are frustrated by one-size-fits-all communications programs and a lack of availability for proxy materials, meetings and voting.

  • Mediant’s intuitive and flexible technology adapts to the needs of different funds, shareholder preferences and changing industry regulations.
  • Online reporting and management tools, virtual meetings, and innovations such as voting by Alexa, help funds stay in control while providing investors with convenience and confidence that their voice is being heard.
END-TO-END PROXY MANAGEMENT Shareholder communications can directly impact business outcomes and are strictly regulated, but proxy processes are complex and time-consuming.

  • Mediant increases proxy participation and year-round engagement by focusing on investor satisfaction. Our dedicated team of proxy experts manages your entire proxy process.
  • We save time and resources, becoming the single point of contact for all intermediaries, handling tabulation and inspector-of-election duties, and keeping you informed with real-time data.


Mediant provides a true end-to-end shareholder communications and meeting solution powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of proxy specialists. We make it simple for funds to deliver customized campaigns that maximize voter participation.

Print and Distribution Management
  • A scalable and integrated print and distribution network
  • Enhanced mail and e-delivery capabilities across the globe
  • Custom-branded shareholder materials
Online Document Hosting
  • Intuitive and engaging interactive documents
  • Robust web hosting with custom branding
  • Fully compliant and enhances the investor experience
MIC Digital Shareholder Meeting
  • Virtual and hybrid shareholder meetings, accessible on any device
  • A suite of features that maximize shareholder engagement
  • Video, presentation, real-time voting, live Q&A, and more
Solicitation Services
  • Custom-branded communications match shareholder demographics and firm needs
  • In-house call center implements strategic, customized outreach campaigns
  • Expertly trained inbound and outbound agents handle solicitation
Integrated Proxy Voting System
  • Multi-channel voting that meets shareholders where they are
  • Real-time voting results from paper and electronic sources
  • Shareholders can literally “voice” proxy via Amazon Alexa
Tabulation and Reporting
  • In-depth data analytics and proxy vote modeling
  • Multi-level QA process to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Fully reconciled and audited vote reports


Advanced investor communications technology: empowers funds to act on, track and manage all potential touchpoints across the investor communications lifecycle.


A single, integrated platform for all post-trade communications


Real-time data transparency for easy oversight and compliance confidence


Turnkey, cloud-based technology hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Industry-leading cybersecurity: stress-tested, high redundancy, fully compliant


Intuitive, customizable interfaces with time-saving single sign-on (SSO)


No-cost updates, adding new features and maintaining compliance