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Mediant Apr 13, 2022 1 min read

Reimagining the Customer Experience Amidst Newly Empowered Investors

Most brokers face more work and more competition. In just 10 years, the Dow Jones volume nearly tripled, stressing broker’s systems and the people that support shareholders. Meanwhile, the number of robo-advisor accounts skyrocketed from 42 million to 292 million between 2017 and 2021

This growing number as well as influence of retail investors, which we discussed in a previous post, has had a large impact on broker-dealers and their operations. To stay ahead of these newly empowered investors―with access to real-time information and increasingly sophisticated investment tools―brokers may want to reimagine their customer experience, beginning with reviewing how they execute their investor communications program.

Statement and confirmation distribution is a broker’s most frequent communication with clients. Despite this, many brokers treat this brand-building opportunity as fulfilling a requirement rather than enhancing your advisors’ and investors’ user experience and establishing a competitive advantage. Consistency is crucial to building strong brands. The logos, colors and taglines used on a broker’s website and apps should be mirrored on your statement and confirmations.

An exceptional customer experience also requires systems that boost the productivity of their support teams as well as intuitive applications that help advisors execute their business better. A single, integrated platform to manage all your investor communications – statements, confirms, proxy, post-sale, reorg events, ADVs, client letters and Forms CRS – ensures not only a consistent client experience but also dependable issue remediation across your services.

A robust investor communications platform should enable you to easily generate a proof of delivery for every document (emailed and those through USPS), resend undelivered documents, monitor voting totals, approve reorg offers, spotlight post-sale discrepancies, and handle high volumes.

Mediant is built for this. Our broker solutions enable brokers to effectively manage all potential touchpoints within the investor communications lifecycle — from proxy statements and prospectuses to voluntary corporate actions. Built on the most advanced technologies, our solutions provide clients with customizable options and tools that enhance the experiences of investors and advisors and increase engagement.

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