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Mediant Mar 17, 2022 1 min read

Digital and Print: A Flexible Approach to Shareholder Communications

“Gradually, then suddenly.” With just three words, Ernest Hemingway, in his novel The Sun Also Rises, pithily describes the nature of fundamental change.

Mediant has been part of the industry's gradual advance towards digital communications over the 20 years since we were founded. Today, our world is entering the “suddenly” phase of this transition. Our recent blog post series explored the paradigm shift that is taking place; sweeping societal changes in the use of technology are shaping the future of the proxy industry and shareholder engagement.

As profound as the shift may be, the reality is that even the accelerated phase of a big change takes time and is rarely absolute. Even in a digital world, some traditional paper mailings are preferred or necessary. The option to receive printed shareholder reports is protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), such as in Rule 30e-3. In addition, some companies, as stated in their by-laws, require that proxy materials be sent as traditional paper instead of digitally.

Mediant Can Do It All

Mediant has always believed in meeting shareholders where they are, which is why print and distribution management is an intrinsic part of our end-to-end proxy solution. Regardless of where your investors are in the digital paradigm shift, we make it easy and efficient to prepare shareholder communications that match their individual preferences for electronic or printed materials.

  • A scalable and integrated print and distribution network
  • Enhanced mail and e-delivery capabilities across the globe
  • Custom-branded shareholder materials
  • Online hosting of materials for easy shareholder review
Guiding You Through the Paradigm Shift

Change can be challenging, but we share your ambition to increase shareholder participation and engagement. Whether that means creating fully digital and interactive experiences or maintaining traditional practices for shareholders more comfortable with the familiar, Mediant provides a one-stop-shop solution.

That means a flexible approach to print and digital communications, a single point of contact guiding the way forward, and dedicated experts that will help you to navigate regulations and smooth the path to an efficient and compliant communications program.

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