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Mediant Oct 1, 2020 2 min read

6 Areas to Consider When Choosing an Investor Communications Partner

As brokers look to modernize their investor communications programs, they grapple with many issues, including: a challenging regulatory environment, increasing advisor and customer expectations, and evolving technologies and communications channels. The legacy systems and manual processes they have relied on for years, now come with too much financial and operational risk and do nothing to increase customer and advisor engagement and loyalty.

The right shareholder communications partner can help address these challenges and help you gain operational efficiencies as well as maintain supervisory controls over a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. Consider the following six areas when choosing which provider to work with your firm.  

1. Cutting-edge technology

Having the right technology in place is fundamental to achieving your business goals. Look for a provider who is not encumbered by outdated, fragmented systems but instead utilizes advanced technologies that provide:  

  • Flexibility to support your business and processes.
  • Transparency that affords clients end-to-end oversight on exactly what’s happening in their investor communications lifecycle.
  • Robust security standards.
  • Use of APIs for the seamless integration of data.

2. Customizable options and tools

Is information presented in a way that draws in investors and enhances their understanding of what they are voting for and why it’s important to vote? Can investors easily access their ballot from their preferred channel such as mobile device, text, tablet or computer? A provider that can customize to clients’ specific needs—from tailored communications to anytime, anywhere access to all solutions—will help drive advisor and investor engagement.

3. Exceptional client service

Does the provider have dedicated experts with deep material knowledge to work with you from start to finish? Is it easy to contact them? Are they responsive? You want to be able to leverage your provider’s support team’s experience and expertise to ensure your program is a success.

4. Strict regulatory compliance

Make sure that your partner stays at the forefront of the regulatory landscape, and continuously adopts changes into their processes to support clients. Also, find out if the provider has ways to prove compliance to regulators, like audit trails or proof of delivery for documents.

5. Seamless implementation process

Look for a provider who has a migration and implementation process that includes project management and execution so that brokers do not experience a drain on internal resources. Then find out:

  • Is there a history of completing the process on time?
  • How is the data exchanged between you and the provider?
  • Does your core processing system easily integrate with the provider’s platform?
  • Is end-user training part of the process?
  • Is implementation an extra cost?

6. Proven track record

Ask for client references. Having the ability to contact a provider’s clients is an effective way to find out about the experience other brokers have had with similar investor communications needs.

Take control of your investor communications

Choosing the right provider will help you take control of your investor communications. Mediant’s solutions have brought technology to investor communications and revolutionized how brokers execute and manage their investor communications programs from start to finish. We have enabled brokers to deliver the best tools to advisors and clients so they can quickly respond to client queries, meet regulatory obligations, produce proof of delivery for auditors, prevent overvotes and more.

Find out more about Mediant’s investor communications solutions.